Saturday, March 17, 2018

Happy St Patricks Day

Here I sit in the early AM, I'm up early looking for Leprechauns so I can take their pots of gold. I think it is the best strategy to get rich, however I am having zero luck finding the little bastards, they are too elusive for me.

If you have an NCAA Basketball bracket, I'll bet once you find out last nights scores you'll be cussing. The #1 seed for the whole tournament and a region #1 seed Virginia, a team WVU has beaten this year, lost their first round game to UMBC (University of Maryland Baltimore County). First time in Tournament history a #1 seed lost their opening game against a 16 seed. The thing is, the game was not even close, UMBC blew them out by 20 points.

Both the Mountaineers and Marshall won their first round games. Marshall won their first NCAA Tournament game in school history (they were 0-5 prior to yesterday) and the two teams who are from West Virginia and competing in the East Region, will play each other this Sunday in San Diego California for a chance to advance to the Sweet 16 and the next round of games in Boston. I rooted for Marshall to win their first game yesterday, but that is where my Marshall fanhood stops.

My weekend, I am scheduled to work for RTI this weekend and maybe a day next week to close out the quarter. My next quarters materials should be here this week as we attempt to finish this quarter up and put it to bed. I was only useful for about 2-3 weeks this year before I came down with influenza and they sidelined me for a period of time. It'll feel good to shake the rust off and get out.

Have yourselves a great day today.

Ho hi hi ho

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