Tuesday, February 03, 2015

Tuesday's Tidbits

* Well that dreaded Groundhog just added to my Monday yesterday, time to move on to a Tuesday. Time for a Tidbits.

* I'm on day 18,692 since I was born. Still going strong and happy to be adding to that total. It's something that you just can't take for granted.

* 3,915 days ago I graduated from West Virginia University.

* 2,516 days ago I had the pleasure of taking a wonderful woman out for a night on the town.

* 1,740 days ago at roughly 4:00 in the morning I got down on one knee in the back yard and asked this wonderful woman to be my wife.

* We have been married for 1,277 days now and we are still going strong.

* I have roughly 6,145 days to go give or take a few hundred here or there until I finally retire.

* 331 more days left of content to write until my Goodbye 2015 Blog is posted.

* If you are thinking about Christmas Shopping, you only have 325 more days to go until we get there. You have time, but that clock is constantly ticking.

* 301 more days to go until my next Birthday. I will be 21 once again. =)

* 184 more days to go until Michelle and I celebrate our fourth wedding anniversary.

* My niece Brittany only has 103 more days left until she will go through West Virginia's 2015 Commencement.

* There are only 45 more days to go until Spring.

* This is my 3,946th blog that I have written for George's Journal. Over a decade long and still going strong.

* Not sure if I have ever mentioned this here before, but I kind of don't like snow. One could pretty much say with all certainty that I Hate Snow.

* I did get a couple of Jean's DVD from the funeral made this past weekend. Val wanted a couple copies, one for her and one for my sister Terri. If anyone else wants one, just let me know.

* I do have to say that this past week has been very productive on the Hall Family Tree, arguably my most productive week of working on it. According to the site, there are now 145 people in the database. 75 Males, 69 Females and 1 unknown (sibling). It's really starting to come along and take shape.

* The Super Bowl was alright Sunday Night, I hate the New England Cheaters but they won 28-24. Seattle should have won it but a bonehead coaching call at the end cost them the game.

* Our taxes are done and have been approved by the IRS. We owe the state once again.  Now we just have to finish up Hayley's and get hers out, she was still waiting on one W-2.

* Hi ho hi ho

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