Wednesday, February 11, 2015

The Search Has Began Again

Years ago, the day I passed my drivers test, my father dropped yet another bombshell on me. I had knew my Sister and Brother Pam and Gary since birth as I was around for both of those births. When I was around 8 years old I met my sister Terri for the first time and when I was around 13 I met my sister Kim for the first time. Strange growing up not not knowing your siblings, but it was par for the course for me. When I passed my drivers test my dad dropped one final bombshell on me, I had an older brother.

He is supposed to be about two years older than me, that would make him about 53 (or 23 depending if you believe my lie) and my Dad never wanted to reveal any information about this individual. Any time we started to look for them, he got very defensive for what ever reason. I respected his wishes and never started to search until after he passed away in 1999.

My Mom provided me a few tidbits of information like who the mother was, but all searches lead to a dead end. The name she had given me was a Carol Ann Pava, whose grandfather was a barber here in Morgantown.

We used Facebook to try to track down the information yesterday and have gotten some amazing information to assist us further on our search. Seems Carol moved to California in the early 60's and finished up High School there. The picture you see is her Sr Class Portrait from her yearbook. Thanks to my wonderful wife Michelle for signing up for an account that provided me this information. I posted the pic on Facebook and had it confirmed that this was her.

A poster named Sondra Nicholas is absolutely amazing and took that little bit of information and ran with it giving us all kinds of information to follow up on.

We have not found the sibling as of yet, but a big thank you to the people of the group Growing up in Morgantown for possibly pointing us down the path to complete our journey.

Have a great day.

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