Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Tuesday's Tidbits

* Well that dreaded thing that we refer to Monday is now gone and behind us as we are looking ahead towards a Tuesday. Other than if the Steelers could have held on for a win Sunday, I can't think of a better reason to do a tidbits.

* 18,566 days since I was born. My only real question is who in their right mind over the age of 50 has any clue how many days old they are? I guess the key word is right mind...lol

* It was 3,789 days ago that I fulfilled a dream that I had of actually finishing my education. I graduated High School in 1982 but never felt closure about my academic career until I graduated from the next level.

* 2,390 days ago I was lucky enough to go out on a first date with a wonderful woman, despite the fact that she stood me up just a few months prior, but that's a whole different story. =)

* 1,614 days ago in our back yard, I got down on one knee at about 4:00 in the morning to propose marriage to a wonderful woman.

* 1,151 days ago at the Marilla Center in front of our closest friends and family, we exchanged our marital vows and became Husband and Wife.

* I have 6,271 days to go until I retire, give or take a few hundred here or there.

* 310 days to go until my fourth wedding anniversary with my wonderful wife.

* Only 171 more days to go until we re-enter my favorite time of the year which is Spring.

* 92 more days of writing content before my Goodbye 2014 Blog post at the end of the year.

* There are only 86 more shopping days left until Christmas. If you haven't started yet, you might notice that a lot of the stores are starting to actually put Christmas stuff out.

* This is my 3,801st blog post that I have written for this blog. That's what a decade of blogging gets you, your life's story on the internet for all to see.

* The Pittsburgh Pirates are in the playoffs the second consecutive year, they will host the Sand Francisco Giants tomorrow evening in the Wild Card Playoff game to see who advances to the next round. I like our chances this post season, despite dropping the last two games of the season.

* The Springs Festival is this weekend, this will be our third consecutive year of going there for this on Saturday.  Hopefully we can find some time to stop in and eat at the Casselman Restaurant. We stopped last year and fell in love with the place.

* We are talking about taking a trip up to Moundsville Penitentiary  in the very near future, I want to tour the facility but I think we are going to go through the normal tour rather than the haunted place tour. I'm more curious about the facility for the educational and history of the place rather than the scary part of it.

* I'm going to set up my Mom's Christmas Tree this year sometime before Thanksgiving, everyone might want to think about a 2014 personalized bulb to add to the tree this year. This tree was born last year and will come to life again this year with new entries.

* This is Homecoming Weekend for WVU coming up, the Parade will be Friday evening.

* Hi ho hi ho

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