Saturday, September 27, 2014

Saturday Morning Ramblings

Here I sit once again in a quiet household. I'm the first one to recover from that butt kicking I took from the Sandman last night and am up early watching Jackass .5 on Netflix and trying to keep my concentration on writing this blog.

Looking for something to do today since there is no local football? Well the Preston County Buckwheat Festival  is going on for those of you who like Buckwheat cakes and not trying to lose weight.

The West Virginia Wine and Jazz Festival is going on here in Morgantown at Camp Muffley. If you have never been to this it is a lot of fun, there are local wineries from all over the area and state there to showcase their wine.

There is the WKKW Triple S Wing Cookoff at Triple S Harley Davidson. This appears to be a scaled down version of what it once was, but I'm sure there will be plenty of wings for everyone to enjoy.

To me it seems kind of strange that three once large festivals that dominated their own weekends are all vying for attention on the same weekend. The Buckwheat Festival is always this week and is not influenced by anything else, but the other two events have changed their dates to compete with it.

Michelle and I will be doing probably none of these today as she is finally starting to recover from a bout with Bronchitis this week and we want her as healthy as possible for tomorrow when we will have field passes for the Steelers Game. So our day will probably consist of our Sunday chores which include our shopping and laundry, so there will be little play for Michelle and I today.

The Mountaineers are on a bye week this week, so I won't be glued to the TV set today watching them play.

Have a great day.

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