Saturday, September 27, 2014

Bought a Treadmill

With the Winter Months fast approaching and we want to continue with our lifestyle change and continue to exercise, we decided this summer to go and get a treadmill this fall.

We've done our research the past couple of months, looking at Craigslist for one and stopping by a few stores to see if there was one we wanted. We did decide to buy new as opposed to someone elses headache that they are trying to unload on someone.

Our research kept coming back to the Nordictrack and we found one at Sears that was reasonably priced and would fit our needs. We really like the t 6.1 Treadmill  and the Nordicktack was a brand we were just comfortable with after reading many reviews for many treadmills.

I told Michelle once we got back from the cruise we would get one and with Fall now being upon us, which means shorter days and in-climate weather ahead in the near future we decided to go and get it today.

It's now set up with a Smart TV in our old bedroom =)

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