Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Tuesday's Tidbits

* Well mine and Michelle's vacation is now officially over and we are going to be returning to work today. It was absent last week but your beloved tidbits returns this week.

* 18,552 days ago your favorite decade long blogger was born.

* 3,775 days ago I realized a lifelong dream and accomplished it by graduating from West Virginia University.

* 2,376 days ago I took a wonderful woman out for a night on the town, a day my life would change forever.

* 1,600 days ago I got down on one knee at 4:00 in the morning and proposed marriage to this wonderful woman.

* 1,137 days ago and three trips to the Caribbean later, we are still happily married.

* I have about 6,285 days or so, give or take a few hundred here or there, until I enter into retirement.

* 324 more days to go until mine and Michelle's fourth Wedding Anniversary.

* 106 more days of blogging to go until I do my favorite blog of the year, the Goodbye 2014 Blog reflecting upon my last year as a blogger month by month.

* The count is on, we are down to the last 100 shopping days to go until Christmas.

* This is my 3,784th blog that I have posted for George's Journal, going strong for over a decade now.

* We uploaded a total of 656 pictures from our week long cruise. I still have a lot of video, daily video blogs, ship tour, and underwater videos to sort through, but the pictures are up for everyone to see and enjoy.

* West Virginia Grand Bash is doing it again. It will be on January 17th and tickets are on sale now. We purchased a ticket last year but didn't win anything, I stopped by the venue a couple of times and it was a rocking place last year, so we will get our ticket for this year as well. Proceeds go to the WVU Children's Hospital. 

* Coming off a cruise, it's hard to get back to reality. You're a little out of touch with anything that has went on locally, and your only news is what comes on one of the major networks. Talk about struggling for content..lol

* We do have our cats back. Hayley watched them and took care of them for us while we were gone. She brought them back last night.

* We have went from 90° days to 45° days in a very short period of time. I miss the Caribbean.

* Well as everyone now officially knows, we won the 2014 KDKA McDonalds Pittsburgh Steelers Trivia Challenge again, we are scheduled to go to the September 28th Game against Tampa Bay. Hopefully it will be much warmer than it was the last time we went. We'll be VIP's for the game and will be on the field during the entire pre-game.

* I do have a favorite desert from our cruise, I still love the Chocolate Melting Cake, but the Creme Brulee I think is my new favorite.

* I did just find a Pintrest page that has a lot of the Cruise Lines Recipes.

* I think our patio garden is done for the year, I got a great yield from my Cucumbers and Banana Peppers. I still have Green Peppers growing, but I'l a little worried now that the temperatures are dropping.

* Do I really have to go back to work? Is vacation really over?

* Hi ho hi ho

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