Sunday, September 28, 2014

Steelers Game

Well as part of our prize package for winning the McDonalds KDKA Pittsburgh Steelers Trivia Challenge show this summer, we will be attending the Steelers-Tampa Bay game this afternoon. We will once again also have field passes for the pre-game.

Unlike the last time we went when  it was blistering cold where the hot chocolate that spilled froze before it got off the bleachers, today's game will be nice and warm and will be a 1:00 PM instead of a 4:00 kickoff. Meaning that we will be home this evening at a decent hour.

We're heading out early this morning and will be riding up with team mate to Station Square where we will meet our other team mate Randy and get a number of group photos with both trophies. I'll be handing the trophies over today as I think it is Randy's turn to hold them, so I'll be sure to get quite a few pictures.

I'll be uploading pics from my phone to Facebook as will Michelle, something different than in 2008 when most people have not seen the hundreds of pictures that I took, much like this one.

Should be a great day and go Steelers.

BTW, they Steelers won the Super Bowl the last time we won the trivia challenge =)

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