Monday, September 01, 2014

Labor Day Monday

Ah yes, these are the kind of Monday's that I enjoy, ones where I still am getting paid but don't have to be at work. Our weekend extends one more day today as Michelle and I both enjoy the National Holiday Labor Day.

I'm still up around my normal time (yes this is a live rather than pre-written blog) and watching a little bit of the boob tube.Trouble with the Curve is on and I'm trying to get a handle on what we're going to do today.

I know we are going to smoke a roast this afternoon, and we're probably going to be going to Walmart this morning to get some things are going to need for the cruise (sun tan lotion, memory cards, etc). We're going to block off our old bedroom today to any cats and start packing for our vacation. It's never too early and this gives us a few days to make sure that we take what we want to take with us. We want to have that done by Wednesday Night.

Thursday this week we have our fifth of six dietitians meetings as a pre-requisite for Gastric Bypass surgery. So far since May 22 when I had my official weigh in I have lost 72.3 lbs and I'm down 87 lbs since Christmas. I am now actually within 10 lbs of the high end of the target weight range the Gastric Bypass team determined I would be one year after surgery. Needless to say, there is about a 99% chance that I will not have the surgery as this is the general consensus of off the Dr's I have had to go through to get approved for this surgery. It is not a diet, it is a Lifestyle change so there will be continued results hopefully the rest of my life. I set a personal weight loss goal at my first meeting in May, and according to my loseit ap, I'm probably going to hit that target in Mid-January. I am well above pace of when it initially started, back then it anticipated I would reach 200 lbs (112 lbs from my first official weigh in and 127 lbs from Christmas) by June of 2015, and it's looks like I will get there abut six months sooner. I'm sure it is all going to slow down soon. Next week will be interesting as all the food I could ever want will be presented to me, but we are going to be snorkeling for a couple of days and I can easily burn off 2,000 calories each day of doing that.

Have a great day and enjoy your labor day weekend that has been extended one more day.

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