Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Hump Day

Woot Woot....wait, they are blue footed booby's. Oh well, it's that day of the week that you can get up on your tippy toes and look over the noon time hump and look at something awesome off in the horizon. Just on the other side of a Photo flashback you can see the dawn of another fun filled (actually carpet scrubbing) weekend.

A simple question for everyone. Since Michelle and I started planning out weekly menus earlier this year, which makes it much easier to prepare for, we have always done Wednesdays as a Pasta Day in our home. This week I have to confess it's a frozen lasagna tray, but we usually are much more creative with our pastas. My question is simply this, does anyone else plan out weekly menus and have one night of the week designated as a pasta night like we do? It does help making the weeks menu much easier, and it tends to a lot less eating out at some restaurant.

I have to admit, that I am not that creative at this time. The creative juices just are not flowing at this particular time and I'm struggling to find something to write about so let me reflect on something for a second because life is too short and it goes by way too quick.

It seems like it was just yesterday that I was a young teen aged kid, I had a new motorcycle that my dad had bought me for Christmas and I was living with my grandmother right beside where Starbucks is located on Van Voorhis Road. It was a summer of playing basketball, riding my motorcycle in the field where all the development is at now where Applebees is located. I was young, worry free and getting my butt kicked playing football for Satan over at Suncrest Junior High School. It was the summer of 1978, the Steelers and Pirates were both very good and Morgantown was a much smaller and simpler place then.

We had summer cookouts and dinners where the family would come over and we would play croquet in the back yard. We had a big garden and my Grandmother canned a lot of food (that I never ate) as she had done her entire life.

It's amazing how fast time goes by, my Niece Val is getting ready to turn 30. in the above scenario,  Terri wasn't even a teen ager yet and now her daughter is getting ready to turn 30. Van Voorhis Road went from a small two lane road with stop signs to the five lane gridlock monstrosity that it is today.

Do I have a point? Life goes by very fast, we're only here for a few short years and if you stay healthy a few more. All in all though it is still just a very brief moment in time, don't waste it. When you are young you think you have all the time in the world, then you realize you don't and it goes by quick.

So much for filling this blog post up. Time to chase the blue footed bobby and a sloth who have been terrorizing our home (or it could just be the dog leaving her toys everywhere).

Hi ho hi ho

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