Saturday, November 30, 2013

Christmas Tree Day

It's Christmas Tree Day in our household, the day that we put up our 2013 Christmas Tree. Last night we went out to my Mom's and set up their tree (see picture), it has been decorated so far with bulbs that kids, grand kids or great grand kinds have made. I think it has turned out well so far.

Today we do our tree. No need to run and get it, it's already been purchased, trimmed and sitting in the tree stand outside to allow the branches to fully extend before we bring it inside today.

Where we put it needs to be cleaned out, Hayley and Jared are moving out this week and have placed a bunch of boxes right where we are going to put the tree, so we'll have to move that pile of stuff before we put the tree up.

Other than that not much planned for the day, the Mountaineers play their final football game of the season today, and to be honest when we were driving around yesterday evening you could count the number of RV's that we saw (normally a large number) on two hands between the Coliseum and the lot on Van Voorhis. I'm guessing with a losing season at hand, the students out of town on break and less than favorable weather, that they are going to have trouble getting 35,000 fans today.

Have a great day and stay warm.

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