Sunday, December 20, 2020


Here I sit once again on a quiet Sunday Morning, my co-author is once again nowhere to be found and I'm out here flying solo for the time being. I think American Reunion of playing on the boob tube behind me and I'm contemplating my day and what is going to happen. 

Today I do start actually working as a Contact tracer in a temporary assignment through RTI. Last week was a week of intense training, now we go live and I would assume actually start contacting people. With so many people going through training last week, I'm not real confident on how prepared we will be as a group to start this endeavor, but we shall see how it goes. Shift goes from 11:30 to 8:00 tonight and those are my normal hours every day that I do work. 

Other than that, it's going to be our typical Sunday with some shopping this morning and preparing the meals for the week. The Pittsburgh Steelers are off today and play on Monday Night Football, so I won't miss that game. 

I did get a large portion of my Goodbye 2020 blog written yesterday. That's when I reflect what has happened through the year as sit was reported on my blog. I go through month by month and recount the months posts. I've got it written all the way through November now and it's just a matter of finishing up this month and preparing it to post. 

Have a great day and wish me luck.

Hi ho hi ho

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