Thursday, December 31, 2020

Goodbye 2020, and don't come back


* January started off pretty well, right after New Years Michelle and I flew to St. Louis for any annual certification with RTI. 

* For the first time in many attempts, Michelle and actually went up to the top of the St. Louis arch. 

* Michelle learned that her company was going to shut down their Fairmont facility as they had purchased the Goff Building in Clarksburg. 

* January was my last day working for AECOM as we were breaking away from the parent company the next day. 


* I started working for Amentum, as I previously stated my division just broke away from AECOM and formed a new company. 

* Phil was very kind to us this year, by NOT seeing his shadow. 

* I traveled to Washington DC for the ESRI Federal Users Conference, this was the third time I had attended the event in Washington DC. 

* We actually booked and paid for our 2020 Cruise. 

* Michelle headed back home for her sister in law Tyra's Baby shower. 

* JT was Baptized. 


* March started with RTI pretty much pulling all of the fieldwork for the quarter early. Little did we know what that would eventually mean. 

* We learned that the Reba Concert that we had bought tickets for in December had been moved back a couple of months to August. 

* The Corona Virus really started to show its ugly head in the US. 

* Michelle packed up her Fairmont Office in a planned move to Clarksburg. 

* I ended up getting laid off from Amentum, ending my 12 year run at NETL. 

* We bought a lawn tractor. 


* What started out as an April Fools joke turned into a harsh reality for me. 

* Michelle started working from home as they were transitioning the move from their Fairmont Office to the new Clarksburg location. A lot of remodeling was required before it could be occupied. 

* With so much free time, I started binge-watching complete seasons of Survivor, a show I used to love but hand;t watched in years. 

* We put any plans to visit anyone on Easter on hold and had a small dinner here with Michelle and me. 

* I did lister certification for RTI, this way I could go and list a few segments that will be worked in future quarters. 

* I had an interview and a contingent offer from FEI Systems for a job working in Baltimore. I was scheduled to begin work on the first of July. They ended up not getting the contract so the contingent offer was then pulled based on that. 


* May started off with a Zoom call with my siblings and her kids, it was a way to say hello to everyone at the start of the COVID quarantine. 

*WVU Furloughed 800 people until the end of July due to COVID. 

* Memorial Day weekend was pretty much uneventful, switch so many sporting events and other things canceled, not too much happened that weekend, I did manage to make my yearly trips to the graveyards to place flags on some family members who were service members. 

* I started doing some listing work for RTI. That is when I go and set up segments that will be worked on sometime in the future. 


* We had some guests come to visit us, Ashley, Christopher, Lilly, and Rocky all stopped for a visit. Unfortunately, it was a short visit due to unforeseen circumstances with an untimely passing that I had missed them. I had run to KFC to pick up dinner and they came and left before I got back. 

* We got together and celebrated Erica and Josh's Birthday. Gary came in from Moundsville and we managed to get another 5 siblings photo that only seems to happen about once a decade. We have the 2020's covered

* I continued to travel and work doing a little bit of listing work for RTI. 

* Michelle and I made a stop at Almost Heaven Desserts in Clarksburg, a place I grew to love with their sweet treats. 


* Michelle started taking classes at iSolved University for her Job. It's very intense training on their accounting software that she is one of only two certified users of in the state. 

* Morgantown had some 4th of July events, neither Michelle nor I attended any of them. COVID really put a muzzle on everything in 2020. 

*    I started traveling and staying overnight to do RTI listing work. They were finally authorizing travel for the listers but the restrictions were pretty much I was not allowed to enter any buildings. 

* Our Air Conditioner quit working in the middle of summer, so I went out and bought a new one. We gave the other one to my Nephew Randy who changed the cord and got it working just fine. 

* A long time friend of mine that I had posted with for nearly 20 years on the Blue and Gold News Message boards had passed away. 

* Michelle broke her wrist, it was a pretty bad break that required surgery and having two pins placed in her wrist. 


* Michelle traveled back home for her great-nephews birthday party and to visit her Grandmother Gigi.

* After nearly 13 months after surgery on his knee which lead to complication after complication, Gerald made it home. Mom was glad to have him back home. 

* I was still sporadically listing for RTI and Michelle was starting the post-graduate advance classes in iSolved. 

* I was a finalist for a great job in Pittsburgh, had gone through multiple sets of interviews and was informed that I was not the candidate selected for the position. That kind of deflated me for a while because it was all back to square one, I really thought I had this job and wanted it. It would have been in Mechanicsburg PA. 

* Our beautiful flower girl from Michelle and my wedding, was named a Cheerleader at University Middle School. 

* I went to Helena's, Hayley's maid of honors Bethanie's daughter, first birthday party at of all places. Grandpa Newbraugh's old house in Westover. 

* We had to put Michelle's car (Ice) in the garage to have new brakes put on. It passed inspection, but they were getting down pretty low and we decided to be safe rather than sorry. 


* High School, College, and Pro Football all started their seasons in the COVID Pandemic. Stadiums were empty, but games were played. 

* Monongalia County officially entered the status of RED on the COVID map. 

* I think we smoked one time this entire year, and Labor Day weekend was when we actually went to Harry's and got some meat to smoke. 

* I celebrated 16 years of being a Blogger. 

* Michelle's iPhone finally crapped out and wouldn't hold a charge, so we had to buy her a new upgraded iPhone. 


* Michelle. Kim, Terri, Val, and Amy all took a girl's trip to Canaan. They had a nice long extended weekend together and all seemed to have a great time together. They have the same cabin booked for the same time next year to do it all again. 

* I did do my last listing of the year for RTI, I had done a number of segments throughout the year and the state. 

* I took this summer off from playing Softball, just wasn't in the mood to play this year. What did my team do, they won the Championship without me. 

* I had to put Pearl into the garage, she is a 5 speed and the clutch was needing to be replaced before it went out completely. It was starting to slip, so I just had it taken care of. 

* Michelle and I both voted early in the Presidential Election. I didn't want to wait until election day and have a large influx of voters at our polling place, so we played it safe. 

* Michelle went to her sister Chris's to pass out Halloween Candy. 


* November saw us wait nearly a week after the election so that all the votes could be properly counted to determine who was the winner of the 2020 Presidential Election. Joe Biden defeated Donald Trump. 

* Michelle got laid off from her job, they indicated they are shutting the company down at the end of the year. 

* Michelle was with her dad, Dave Carpenter when he left this life to play at the big golf course in the afterlife. He was 71 years old. 

* I spent a lot of my spare time upgrading the Find a Grave Website for a number of family members. 

* Hayley and Tyler stopped over and we had Thanksgiving Dinner here at our home this year. We met up with my side of the family later that evening to get together and all do our Thanksgiving Night Bowling tradition at Suburban Lanes. 


* December started out with me taking a redshirt, or a do-over on 2020 and not counting this year's birthday again. 

* The Mountaineers played Iowa State in Football and had our worst performance of the season. They accepted a bid to the Liberty Bowl against Tennessee who backed out and was replaced by Army. That game will be played after my Goodbye 2020 Blog is posted. 

* We went to my sister Kim's for a little Gingerbread House building. The women built Gingerbread Houses and the guys realized how frustrating it could be and passed. I think everyone did a great job. 

* Michelle and I attended Bethanie and Josh's wedding. 

* I trained for and started doing Contact Tracing for RTI tracing COVID, we are subbed through PIH. 

* We attended Christmas Eve at my sister Terri's. 

* 928 days after my first contact with my Big Brother Jonathan, I had to learn what that sinking feeling is like to lose a sibling as he passed away December 26th. 

* I Have have written 386 Blogs in 2020

* See you in 2021, and remember officially at Midnight we can officially look in hindsight of the year that was 2020. 

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