Sunday, December 13, 2020

Sunday Morning Ramblings

Here I sit on a quiet Sunday Morning, Peanut is nowhere to be found and I'm here collecting my thoughts and watching the end of Biloxi Blues. I'm still trying to wake up and plan out my days activities. 

Grocery shopping and a few chores are on the agenda for this morning before the rest of the day is started. 

Bethany, Hayley's Maid of Honor is getting married today, the wedding was supposed to be here but will be held in Cheat Lake at Joshua's Grandparents. Michelle and I will be part of the small group of people in attendance. 

I start training tomorrow morning to do Contact Tracing for RTI. The computer that I bought has not showed up yet. I have an alternative set up ready for training, but hopefully the new Computer will arrive before then. I guess shipping is very heavy right now and things are getting delayed on getting picked up. 

Both the Steelers and the WVU Men's Basketball teams play today. WVU Plays #19 Ranked Richmond this afternoon at 1:00 and the Steelers are at the Buffalo Bills this evening at 8:20. Bethany's wedding is at 4:00 so all should be good for this sports fan. 

I did start my Goodbye 2020 blog yesterday, did all the formatting and a couple of months' worth of posts. I've got till the end of the month to finish it. 

Have yourselves a great day. 

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