Thursday, December 17, 2020

Photo Flashback Thursday

Once a week I like to take a little bit of time out, time to look at some of the 30,000+ images that I have either captured with a Camera, Scanned, or just simply stolen off the internet. Little lost moments in time that I post up and relive tight here for everyone while I try to recall the moments around that image. Sometimes it's pretty easy to find that image and sometimes it's a challenge, although one thing it always is is a whole lot of fun for me.

This week's pic serves as a kind of a multiple purpose one, one obvious, and one a possible subtle hint. The obvious one is this is from Michelle and my last cruise a couple of years ago. This was the day before we marked, we always went down a day early and spent a little bit of time at the Inner Harbor in Baltimore, a place we love to go to and a great place to visit.

We have spent a good deal of time in Baltimore and have a few friends down that way that are pretty awesome. It's a great place to get fresh steamed Maryland Crabs too. You know last July I had a job offer from a Company there and had accepted. Only problem was they didn't win the contract, hence why we currently don't live in Baltimore. Nice place that Inner Harbor, we love it there. 

Have yourselves a great day. 

Hi ho hi ho

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