Sunday, December 27, 2020

928 Days was not enough.

Here I sit on a quiet Sunday morning, or should I say a very sad Sunday morning. I just woke up to use the restroom and saw a text message of some terrible news.

A couple of years ago I had found the answer to a search that we had conducted. A lifetime of searching to find out who my big brother was, and only a mere 928 Days to get to know him.

My older brother Jonathan had a series of health issues since I first discovered who he was. He had lung cancer and when I spoke with Barbara on Christmas Day, she had informed me he was in the hospital and he wasn't going to make it home. 

Yesterday afternoon Carol his Mother, called me and when I saw her name on my phone I knew this wasn't going to be good. She said that his time is short and if I wanted to reach out to him now would be the time. I called and was only able to leave a voice mail. I informed all my other siblings of the situation and left his number with them in case they wanted to call. I never got through and only got his voice mail.

A little while ago I woke up to a message from his daughter Sarah that Jonathan passed away peacefully. A mere 928 days after I first found out who he was, he has left us and moved on. 

I am very thankful that I did find him and have that 928 days, I got the chance to know a sibling that I had only knew about and not who he was. The bigger tragedy would have been to have not known him at all, now it is time to get to know my niece and her daughter. 

Big Brother you will be missed. 

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