Monday, December 07, 2020


Well the fun-filled thing that we refer to as the weekend is now over with, so it's time for everyone to get back to doing what it is that we all do for a living. Noses back onto the grindstone so we can all change the world with our talents.

First and foremost, it was 79 years ago today that the Japanese bombed Pearl Harbor. Take a few moments out and remember, the mast from the USS West Virginia is on WVU's downtown campus. 

The Pittsburgh Steelers didn't play yesterday, but will instead take on Washington this afternoon at 5:00. That's one way to fill a boring Monday up with a little bit of fun. 

It looks like I will be starting to do some Contract Tracing next Monday for RTI. I bought a new (or should I say refurbished) laptop for this job. The computer has to have Windows 10 and my desktop still has Windows 7 installed on it. I have what I need to install Windows 10 as I purchased a copy last year, I just have not installed it as of yet. Once I get my new laptop, I'll install it on this (my pc) machine after I get the other one set up. That way I know I'm good to go in case something goes wrong. 

This should be a pretty eventful week and weekend coming up for Michelle and I. She's going to be doing some baking this week, Christmas Cookie time of year. We have some gingerbread houses to decorate, well let's say I'm going to watch as the girls decorate and Bethany, Hayley's Maid of Honor, is getting married her on Sunday. Hayley will be officiating the services now that she can legally marry people. Should be a good week. 

Have a great day, kick it in the butt and make it a great week. 

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