Monday, June 30, 2014

Monday Again

Yeah we go again, embarking on another fun filled week at work, although this will be only a three day week for myself with the 4th of July on Friday and me taking off Thursday to take my Mom home from her Doctors appointment. It may be a short week for me in days working, but trust me I'll be busy preparing for the big Pic Nic this coming Sunday.

Last week they had to temporarily move me from my office to a temporary one in another building, it was a nice office, but I only took one Computer (I have three) and a 30" Monitor (I use 3 24" Monitors running dual monitors on all three machines) and I'm ready to get back to my office. It was a nice change, but there is nothing like home sweet home especially since they just replaced the entire HVAC system in my building and office.

It looks like the weather is going to be awesome this weekend, but it's still early and that can always change. I would love to see great weather for the Pic Nic, it seems like it was just yesterday I reserved it, but that was April 8th. It's nice to see people finally communicating for this, something tells me this is going to be a very memorable day. I hope to grab as many pictures as I can and hopefully my very creative niece Amy will bring her camera and we can get a very creative photographer (she needs to do this for a living) taking some pictures.

Can't get to the weekend unless we get Monday in, so...

Hi ho hi ho

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