Sunday, December 15, 2013

Late Sunday Blog

It's a little later than normal for me to blog, I usually have already written my days blog by now, but we got in a little late last night and I over slept a little bit so here I am.

Had a great day yesterday, started the Christmas festivities in East Liverpool and yes there was plenty of snow in the area. The further north we traveled yesterday the more snow we saw and once we got there we got blanketed with some good, heavy wet snow. Of course Michelle was doing her snow dance on the way up, sheesh. Have I ever mentioned that I hate snow?

After visiting Michelle's cousin Julie for their Christmas, it was off to Calcutta to pay a visit to her Dad and spend a little time there. We were treated with meals at both place and our yearly Christmas Trek up North was once again memorable and once again now in the books.

Today we're back to doing our normal schedule, doing our Sunday Grocery shopping, doing laundry and the things that we do to get ready for the next week of working. A trip to Walmart and planning the rest of our weekly menu are what we will be doing once Michelle recovers from that battle with the Sandman that she is still currently recovering from.

Have a great day.

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