Sunday, December 08, 2013

Cookie Day Part II

Well we have one day of cookies completed, but we did get a little bit of a late start yesterday, so we did our grocery shopping last night and will do a second day of making cookies.

The dough that you see here is actually the dough to mine and Arron's favorite cookies, that is the famous butterscotch cookies that Michelle makes. We have a tray of them made, now we are going to do some for Arron and then move onto the spritz cookies.

We started yesterday by making Chocolate Chip cookies, and then went to the butterscotch ones before calling it a day.

It should be a nice relaxing day other than that, most of our weekend chores were completed yesterday, so now it's just time to enjoy a nice warm crackling fire and make the rest of the cookies.

One thing of note that I forget to mention in yesterdays blog. For those traveling north to Pittsburgh, the new exit/bridge going from I-79 North to the I-79/70 is now open and making the drive much easier. The old way was to go through that circle with all those rumblers and that big concrete wall that everyone used to hate, this make a much nicer transition and keeps traffic flowing much better.

Have a great day.

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