Tuesday, December 03, 2013

Tuesday's Tidbits

* Well that dreaded return to work Monday is now behind us and we're staring straight down the barrel of a Tuesday, other than a blue footed booby and a sloth playing wii bowling I can't think of a better reason than that do do a tidbits.

* 2,090 days ago I was blessed with the ability to go out on my first date with the woman who would forever change my life.

* 1,313 days ago in the early early morning, I got down on one knee and proposed marriage to a wonderful woman.

* 850 days ago at the Marilla Center, using a chiropractor as the master of ceremonies, we tied the knot in front of our closest friends and family.

* 6,572 days to go (give or take a few) until I enter the world of retirement.

* I have 246 more days until my third anniversary with my wonderful wife.

* In 107 more days, it will officially be Spring. The winter months will be over with, the birds will be singing, I will have cussed the groundhog out once or twice and it will be my favorite time of the year.

* We have 28 more days left to go until my final blog of 2013 and 29 to go until my first blog of 2014.

* We have 22 more shopping days left until Christmas, so if you haven't started yet you have plenty of time and if you're done you did it too quick.

* In the final appearance of my blog, we have three more days to go until we head north and see Jeff Dunham this Friday evening.

* My sister Pam informed me that she has a stress fracture to her ankle. It was originally thought to be just a high ankle sprain, but it turns out to be much worse than that.

* We are now officially empty nesters, actually it was as of Sunday night, as Hayley and Jared have moved to their apartment on the other side of town.

* Stage AE is starting to announce their 2014 concert series.

* It's been a few days, I still think that WVU should fire Oliver Luck and Dana Holgorsen for that disgusting debacle of a season we just had. I don't really care for either one of them and wish they would both just leave.

* This is my 3,461st blog post.

* Hi ho hi ho

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