Saturday, July 27, 2013

Under the Weather BLOG.

I kissed Michelle good bye last night as she headed home for the weekend. I had a hankering for Wings Ole so I stopped down there for dinner.

After I ate I started to bloat and passed out on the couch, sleeping soundly until 3:00 AM when I had to get up and use the rest room. I didn't feel quite right and no more than got that thought out of my head and next thing I know I was running to the bathroom regurgitating the previous nights meal.

I laid back down after that with cold chills.

Talk about irony I got chills typed and was running to the restroom yet again. I'm, sweating profusely and have already taken a red hot shower.

This is not going to be a productive day. I start the night sleeping in the AC, hours later I am curled up in two comforters trying to stay warm from the chills.

I think I am going to lay down again and head to Sam's Club when I wake up. Might even do a few loads of laundry in between naps.

Have a great day.

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