Saturday, July 06, 2013

Late Saturday Morning Blog

I know, I'm slacking this morning in getting a blog out. Michelle is up and already drinking her coffee and I just haven't written anything yet this morning.

My niece Amy ended up with some very food news yesterday. After all the turmoil they have went through the last year about Ralphies Dad's place and not thinking that they would be able to keep it, it turns out that they do in fact get to keep it after all. She was quite happy yesterday and she called me and gave me the 411 on the situation. I'm so happy for them that that portion of land gets to stay not only with their family but with them.

I think we diagnosed the problem with my car as the Catalytic Converter being clogged up. We changed the fuel filter and spark plugs and Gary got under there yesterday and banged on it to a point where it could get up the hill. Wednesday coming home it lost all power and could not get up over the hump on Van Voorhis, I had to call Summers towing to pull it up over the hill for me.

We also should have someone replacing the fan motor on the central air today. Even though we are under ground here, it becomes an oven at times and downright uncomfortable due to absolutely no air circulation.

We're going to try to pay a visit to Pam and George sometime today, we purchased a home protection device a couple of weeks ago and want to test it out away from everyone and everything.

Have a great day.

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