Tuesday, July 02, 2013

Tuesday's Tidbits

* Well Monday is once again in our rear view mirrors and we are staring straight down the barrel of a Tuesday, I still can't think of a better reason than that to do a tidbits.

* It's been 1,936 days since my first date with my wife, that's a little over five years together and still counting.

* 1,159 days ago I got down on one knee and proposed marriage.

* 696 days ago in front of our closest friends and family we tied the knot.

* 182 days left until my final blog of the year.

* 176 shopping days left until Christmas. Plenty of shopping time left until that magical day.

* In 152 days I celebrate the 29th anniversary of my 21st birthday. Yeah, I'll be turning the big 50 later this year. I guess my teen aged years are officially behind me.

* 68 days until we set sail once again on the high seas on our cruise.

* 60 days until the Mountaineers start the 2013 Football season.

* 35 days until my second wedding anniversary. As bad as I am at remembering dates and days, I had better make sure I count those days down so Michelle doesn't my butt.

* 16 days until our third planned concert of the year when we head up north to see Jimmy Buffett.

* If you like to talk on your cell phone while driving, stop it. It's now illegal in West Virginia. If you like to text while driving, do everyone who loves you a favor and never do it again.

* Everything went well with Michelle's procedure yesterday, I took her out to the Chinese Buffet (She loves Chinese) after we left the hospital.

* Our green beans we planted in the garden from seeds are kicking butt. I used a mushroom compost a few years ago to build the patio garden and it has done a remarkable job.

* I've been talking a few times recently about a place I used to go swimming years ago. Fortney's Mills in Preston County. It's illegal to be there now, but I have many fond memories of the place. Too many people screwed it up for everyone else.

* I swear the person at the left at the end of this blog is not me, or at least I don't think it is me, but I'm having a tough time convincing myself that it is not.

* Hi ho hi ho

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