Monday, March 25, 2013

Scandal Going to be Exposed

I think my gig is up, as many of you know I bribe Phil every January and February with beer and hookers. I make sure he can have his little butt drunk and disorderly right before Groundhogs day. Yes it was me that got the little rodent intoxicated with the beer and hookers

I confess I started the movement to have Phil removed if he saw his shadow and have him and Groundhogs day replaced with Lizard's Day.

So here we sit, in late March with a good bit of snow on the ground for this Spring Day. All because I wanted the Spring Flowers and smell of Spring to be right around the corner. Mother Nature must not have like the fact that I had gotten Phil Drunk nor the fact that he has committed suicide, but his death and partying are on her, I swear I'm innocent.

I'm sure I'll be a key suspect when the FBI starts to investigate the drunken disorderly conduct of our little rodent friend and his eventual demise. We're all being punished with this white stuff on a nice spring day. Argghhh

My backyard this morning. 

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