Monday, September 03, 2012

Labor Day

Today will be the first of three straight Monday;s that I will be off of work. Today is Labor Day which traditionally signals the unofficial end of summer (and no wearing white) for most people. I guess you could call it the last hurrah of summer.

We tried to have a picnic yesterday, but the weather just was not very cooperative with us at all. That and the fact that it's a holiday weekend and all shelters were most likely taken were the reason we had to cancel it. Pam has to go back to work today, we're going to do a test run of packing for our vacation next week so it's an improbability that we will have any chance of doing one before we head south.

One thing I do want to do today is write a series of blogs for next week. We can get internet in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean, but it is slow and quite costly, so we will most likely not be on the net. Because I'm committed to writing every day, and I do take advantage of having a post post at a certain time, I'll be writing a number of them today to post next week.

Have a great day.

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