Thursday, September 13, 2012

Half Moon Cay Bahamas

Disclaimer: This week I will be on a week long vacation with my beautiful wife. These blogs were pre-written to keep a flow of my blog going and to let people know where we are that today and what we plan to be doing.

Today we will be spending in Half Moon Cay, Bahamas. It's actually a private island owned by the company that owns the cruise line we are on.

People have always said that they would like to have their own private island, well half Moon Cay is one you can rent believe it or not. I just thought that little tidbit of information was kind of comical.

We will be arriving here at 9:00 AM and are set to depart at 5:00 this evening. This is going to give us a good solid eight hours of a beautiful sandy beach and time in some crystal clear ocean waters. This will be a day I have always dreamed of.

I can't wait and I assure you Michelle is probably more excited about this than I am.

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