Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Another Day at Sea

Disclaimer: This week I will be on a week long vacation with my beautiful wife. These blogs were pre-written to keep a flow of my blog going and to let people know where we are that today and what we plan to be doing.

We are once again spending another day at seas today and will be once again enjoying all the amenities of the boat. The picture that I have posted is of the Atrium of the boat, this is the center of the boat where the glass elevators are located. We're on the 8th floor and just under the top entertainment deck. Just above us is the adults only pool, but at this time of the year I'm not too worried about any kids being around.

There is a beautiful theater that has Las Vegas style shows that I know we want to take advantage of, there is on demand room service at any time of the day, there are fitness rooms, casinos, pools and all kinds of entertainment.

I found another video of the staterooms, this is also like our room but not our room. It is however on our floor.

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