Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Grand Turk Island

Disclaimer: This week I will be on a week long vacation with my beautiful wife. These blogs were pre-written to keep a flow of my blog going and to let people know where we are that today and what we plan to be doing.

Today we are landing on our first port Grand Turk Island. This will actually be the first time either Michelle or I ever set foot on land of a foreign country, or even outside of the United States.

One thing that we want to do today is make our first ever trip and visit to the Margaritaville Caribbean which is just outside of the port. Something tells me these two parrot heads actually will be having two cheeseburgers in paradise today. It's only appropriate since we manage to make the trip to Pittsburgh every year to go see Jimmy and the Coral Reefer Band. It was the one thing I mentioned about any of the ports that made Michelle's eyes light up.

We'll dock at 8:00 AM and are scheduled to be back on the boat at 2:00 PM. Obviously this is going to be a short day, but anytime white sandy beaches and blue oceans are involved I'm, all for it.

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