Sunday, November 14, 2021


Here I sit on a quiet Sunday morning, of course, Peanut is up chatting away with me and still debating who would win a 100-yard dash between the sloth and the turtle. Peanut and Michelle think the turtle would win. Sophie and I have our money on the sloth. Kiwi said he'll keep a birds-eye view on the race and report back to us. 

We'll be heading out doing some weekly grocery shopping this morning. I've already purchased our turkey and a ham for Thanksgiving dinner and they are sitting in the fridge just relaxing. Funny how everyone is posting pics of these ridiculously priced turkeys, Walmart has them for $0.89 a pound. 

I did get to see my first snow of the season yesterday in Hundred. Michelle was a Jim and Chris's as Jim is installing a car lift in his garage and was pouring the floor yesterday. So that is where she saw it as well. Of course, my attire for yesterday was shorts and a T-shirt, but I had my jacket in the car so I was pretty comfortable. 

The Steelers are playing the Detroit Lions this afternoon at 1:00. I'll tune in and listen via SiriusXM in the car. It's always nice doing that as you can get your favorite team's perspective on the game. It helps when I'm away and can't watch it. 

Have yourselves a great day, this is day 14 in a row for me after having a weekend off a couple of weeks ago. It's also 36 out of 38 days and tomorrow is Monday and extends it at least another 5-6 days if not more. 

Hi ho hi ho

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