Tuesday, April 06, 2021

Tuesday's Tidbits

* Monday is once again behind us, it's strange being at home as this is the first time in six weeks I have been home on a Monday, or a Tuesday. A great reason to do tidbits. 

* It has been 20,948 days since I was born, that is 21 years using my new and improved 991 day Calender. I prefer my calendar as it is the best calendar. 

* It has been 6,169 days since I graduated from WVU with a Degree in Geography. It's is still my passion, something that I have always enjoyed. 

* 4,766 days ago Michelle and I had our first date together, Pizza Hut and 10,000 BC movie that was horrible. 

* 3,995 days ago I proposed to Michelle, 4:00 in the morning but she was expecting it. 

* It was 3,517 days ago in front of our closest friends and family, Michelle and I became husband and wife at the Marilla Center, then we feasted like Kings and Queens. 

* I have now lived 1,157 days longer than my Dad did and I'm still going strong.

* I have 3,963 days to go until I retire, give or take a few hundred days here or there.

* The next Backyard Brawl where we beat Pitt's ass in Football is only 515 days away. I think I started this countdown with about 2,500 days. 

* 302 more days until Phil steps to center stage again for Groundhogs Day, he has ended his winter vacation and can once again be seen in the back yard eating the Corn Michelle puts out. 

* 269 more days to go until my Goodbye 2021 Blog is posted, I'm hoping for a big year this year. 

* There are 262 more shopping days left until Christmas 2021. You still have plenty of time. 

* The next Anniversary of my 21st Birthday will be in 239 more days. 

* There are 121 days until Michelle and I head to Pittsburgh to see Reba in concert. It was postponed this March to July and now they are pushing the tour until next year. It'll be my and Michelle's 10th wedding anniversary.

* There are 121 more days to go until Michelle and I celebrate our Tenth Wedding Anniversary together. =)

* There are only 75 days until the start of  Summer 2021. My second favorite season of the year. I'm currently enjoying my favorite season. 

* I have written 6,362 blogs in the now 16 1/2+ years since I started blogging. 

* I did work on my drone last weekend to see if everything is still functional, maybe I'll try to put it up once again this week. 

* Changing Headlights on Michelle's car is so much simpler than changing them on Pearl. On Ice, there are no obstructions and you have plenty of room to work. On Pearl I have to basically take the battery out to get to the driver's side headlight to change it. 

* Update, both Michelle and I are fully vaccinated. I never felt anything from either shot, she got a little sick from the second one. 

* Kiwi is getting excited, he knows his outside time is not too far off. 

* Michelle will be in Delaware this weekend with Hayley and Tyler. She'll be on the Atlantic Ocean and I'll be here. 

* I see Amy and Ralph are getting closer and closer to finishing up their home, those two are absolutely amazing together and can accomplish anything they set their minds towards. 

* Corona Virus, you can still track it as it is now starting to pick up steam and the numbers are increasing. 

* We're actually Green for COVID for Monongalia County, although most of the rest of the state is red you can track the state stats HERE. We're still Orange on the Harvard map though. 

* I'm STILL converting some old VHS tapes to Digital Format for Trish. I really need to get back on this as I am such a procrastinator.

* Have yourselves a great day.  

* Hi ho hi ho

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