Sunday, April 04, 2021

Happy Easter

Here I sit in a quiet household, Peanut and I are up discussing map projections and different datums and what flavor of soda pop tastes the best. We're here doing that and collecting our thoughts for the day on this Easter Morning. 

No traveling for us today as we were invited up for Easter at Jon and Laura's up in PA, but we chose to stay home as we're trying to allow for time after our second vaccine to take hold. I heard it's a couple of weeks after your second dose to be fully vaccinated and we're just starting that time period. We felt it would be best to stay here and prevent the larger crowds that to go and possibly infect others as we are at the tail end of this.

Our plans for the day will be to fire up the smoker and throw some ribs in it. There is no better way to cook than to smoke in my opinion, you can take a cheap piece of meat and make it taste like a million dollars, and I love pork ribs and how they turn out when they are cooked low and slow in a smoker. 

Our grocery store shopping for the week is completed, we managed to go to Krogers yesterday and get all of our shopping for the week done. I can actually let Michelle sleep in this morning as that last COVID vaccine is hitting her a little hard. I'm having pretty much zero effects from it, other than a little bit of a sore arm at the injection site, everything else has been pretty much life as normal for me. 

I hope everyone has a very Happy Easter and a great day. 

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