Sunday, April 18, 2021

Sunday Morning Ramblings

Here I once again sit, I and Peanut are out here yet once again discussing how cats have the ability to trick their human counterparts into providing them treats and letting them go outside. She seems to be the master of it so to speak. 

I do have some sad news to report, and this is why Michelle has been back home. Michelle's Grandmother Ruth, referred to as Gigi on this blog many times, has crossed over to the other side. She was the ripe age of 99 and about 2/3. She was looking to become a centenarian but the man upstairs had other plans for her. 

I did make hotel reservations to work this week as I will officially be back out in the field this week and ironically I will be staying at the same hotel I have been staying at up in the northern panhandle, the one that is literally across the street from where my brother Gary is working. This means we may be hooking up sometime this week. I have sent him a text letting him know, that I will once again be up in the area. This could all very well change with what transpired last night. 

My plans for the day, my typical Sunday I suppose. Grocery shopping this morning, a bunch of chores around the house, and getting ready for the week ahead. Michelle should return home today at some time. 

There is one thing I did manage to get done yesterday that I have been putting off. I finally mowed the grass for the first time this season. Got the mower all gassed up yesterday and had all kinds of fun riding it around the yard. They are calling for a day of nice weather this week, but I will most likely be on travel and since Michelle's wrist hasn't come back to full strength yet from her fracturing it last summer I don't want her trying to mow it without me or someone here. 

Have yourselves a great day. 

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