Saturday, April 17, 2021

Saturday Morning Ramblings

Here I sit yet once again in a quiet Household. Peanut and I are here conversing and telling cat jokes in Catanese, so most people would not understand her punch lines.We're just sitting here watching who knows what on the TV, (It's American Beauty on HBO) and entertaining each other. 

I came across this picture yesterday, it was from the Jerry West vs Hot Rod Hundley All-Star Basketball game that was played at the Coliseum back around early 1980. The two guys jumping off in the center were Hot Rod Hundley in the blue and Jerry West in the white. The Jerry West team wore the gold warmups and you can see his team's bench in the back of the picture. What makes this picture so unique you may ask? Well, do you see the guy in the striped shirt in the front row behind Jerry West's bench? It is none other than yours truly. Yep, I had front row cushioned seats for that game, walked up to the ticket window a couple weeks before the game, and bought my single ticket (I was only 16 at the time) and that's where I ended up. 

You know come to think of it, for the first few years of the current football stadium we had 50-yard line seats every week as well, but that was through Dad at the mines. Then they stopped all those extensive gifts to significant people and those free tickets kind of stopped. I guess the IRS started to get involved with all those expensive gifts companies were giving away back then and it all stopped. 

Michelle is still up north, she is once again staying at Jon and Laura's and running back to the nursing home every day. I think she is going in a little later this morning.

Have yourselves a great day. 

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