Sunday, March 07, 2021


Here I sit on a quiet Sunday Morning, Peanut and I are here conversing and she is educating me in the language of CATanese, I'm learning to speak it pretty fluently. I'm up watching Rocky Balboa on HBO and trying to collect my thoughts on the day. 

Well it appears like I will be heading to where I worked last week once again this coming week. I've already called my brother Gary and we're going to try to hook up while I'm up there, something that we were unable to do last week. Between me putting in long days and him having Dr's appointments, we were never really able to find time in our two schedules to get together. Hopefully this week will be different. 

I'll be spending the day planning my week out, booking my hotel and hopefully, I'll be able to get the same hotel deal as last week. It was close and well under the Government rate for the area which is what I needed. I could cross the river for half the price, but we're not approved to leave the state meaning I would be eating the cost of the hotel and that's not happening. I might even try to make a stop at Coleman's Fish Market for Crab Cakes for my wonderful wife when I return home. 

Other than that, it's a shopping and get ready for the week kind of day. 

Have a great one. 

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