Saturday, March 20, 2021

Saturday Morning Ramblings

Here the infamous Peanut and I sit in the early morning hours, she and Kiwi have been up all night telling cat and bird jokes back and forth. Chirp, chirp chirp, meow,  meow, meow back and forth all night long. I've got South Park playing in the background 

Michelle stayed up at her friend Holly's back home last night, my guess is there was a lot of wine and a hot tub with a lot of conversation that was carried on last night. It's been a while since they had a wine and BS session, so Michelle headed up there yesterday and has a Birthday party that she is going to attend today. She should be back this evening and things should go back to normal tomorrow. I know Kiwi didn't have his Good Night partner and was up all night conversing with one of the Cats.

I spent the last week working in Charleston, I thought I was going back down there this week but Kanawha County has too many COVID cases and is no longer open for us to work. I'll be traveling once again this coming week, just in a different direction. Moundsville is closed but there is a lot of work north of that between there and Weirton where I will most likely be staying that we are going to tackle. We're only working this quarter until March 31, then we are shut down for a month as RTI starts to prepare for Quarter 2. I did hear we will be getting the N-95 masks when we start our next quarter, but by then I will be fully vaccinated so it really doesn't matter. It'll be nice to have a supply of good masks though. 

With Michelle gone what are my plans for the day? I've already made up all my packets for work next week, they have to sit 72 hours before we can use them, so it may just be a day of watching Basketball for me. I may run out and comparative shop for a new back yard canopy, the EZ up we had has seen it's better days and the tarps are just as expensive as replacing the whole unit, so that will be how we go this year. I have a big 12' x 12' but it's just a little too big and we need something a little smaller for the backyard. 

Congratulations to Coach Bob Huggins and the Mountaineers. They had a hard fought opening round of the NCAA Tournament win by beating Morehead State 84-67 that ended just a few hours ago. They advance to play Syracuse in the second round Sunday. This win gives Bob Huggins career win number 900. 

Have yourselves a great day, make it special. Oh and one more thing, it's Officially SPRING!!!!!!!!

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