Monday, March 08, 2021

Away I go again

All good things must come to an end, and that does include those fun-filled things we refer to as weekends. Now it is time to take our collective noses and stick them back onto that grindstone for another fun-filled week of doing what we do for a living. 

Here I go once again, getting ready to start another week out in the field with RTI. I'll be heading to the same location that I was at last week, and working the same segment. I was scheduled to go south, but that all got changed and the area was set to the residents only. Actually, we have someone who lives down there, so it's only right that they get to work their home segments. I may even have to make a stop off at Coleman's Fish Market on my way home. Michelle is wanting some good crab cakes so that may be my excuse for stopping when I come home. 

I tried to hook up with Gary last week, but to no avail as our schedules were a little bit off, I'll try to get in contact with him again this week when I am in the area. 

I'll be home later this week and Michelle will be here holding the fort down while I am away.

I hope everyone has a great day. 

Hi ho hi ho

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