Saturday, March 06, 2021

Saturday Morning Ramblings

Here I sit with the internationally acclaimed feline blogger Peanut and I sit putting our heads together to come up with some kind of literary masterpiece for you the readers. Look at that brain and how it's a churning original thought out of that feline mind. We're up watching Happy Gilmore and collecting our thoughts for the day. 

I was planning on traveling south to work today and most of next week however, that county's status changed to resident only, meaning only a resident can work it until the next report comes out next Friday. I will take my efforts and concentrate them to the exact same location I worked last week and do it again this upcoming week. So it is once again off to the land where my Aunt and Uncle lived until their passing and basically where my brother currently lives. I'll try to stay at the same hotel as it was a perfect location for me. It was close, on the main drag and there were many amenities (and I mean a Super WalMart) right next to me. 

So with nothing to do today as my plans have changed, what does this mean for me? Pretty much nothing, Michelle is a little bit under the weather again and may be suffering from Sciatica as she has been in a lot of pain ever since I got back into town Wednesday Night. She did clear off the treadmill yesterday, I can see it getting a workout in the very near future. Probably wouldn't hurt to get my oversized derriere in there as well. COVID has taken a toll on both of us and it's showing physically. 

The WVU Men's Basketball team is playing host to #17 Oklahoma State today at 2:00. If the Mountaineers win, this will be win #900 in Bob Huggin's illustrious coaching career. 

Have yourselves a great day, now Peanut and I will go back to telling Cat Jokes to entertain each other. 

How is cat food sold?  Usually, purr the can!

OK One last one. 

What state has a lot of cats and dogs? Petsylvania!

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