Saturday, March 27, 2021


Here I sit once again in a quiet Household. Peanut is nowhere around, meaning she is slacking from her co-blogging duties. I'm up temporarily watching couples retreat and trying to catch my thoughts on this dawn of a new day., 

Well had a pretty eventful couple of days to say the least. Had an Interview Thursday here in Morgantown, had an interview yesterday for a job in Baltimore that will probably be remote until the end of the year if not longer and as of press time I was supposed to have my third interview in two days with Google last night believe it or not. I'm feeling pretty good about the first two, but I always seem to feel good about them. I wore my lucky socks to the one in Morgantown believe it or not. 

This afternoon I'm going to help my sister Kim fly her drone, maybe mine but mines not looking good, however. I rushed out yesterday and got it all charged and flew around the back yard, only problem was it was not the ideal situation to fly, I rushed to get it up and it was a little windy. Long story short, it ended up submerged in the creek on the backside of the house. I think the drone is fine, I build a hot box to dry the moisture up in the drone and I've got my batter sitting in a bag of rice, I do have a replacement ordered if that doesn't work, so I might be out of commission until the next weekend. UPDATE as I was typing this, we stuck my battery in rice and it was lit up and working. I think I need to hotbox it again as the camera's gimbal is overloading, probably due to moisture IMHO. We'll get it ready to fly again one way or the other. I just may be grounded temporarily. 

I'll be heading back to Weirton this coming week, but only till Wednesday as that is the last day of the quarter and the second quarter does not kick off until the first of May. 

Have yourselves a great day. 

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