Sunday, February 28, 2021


Here Peanut and I sit once again in a quiet household, we're having a detailed discussion on whether Morgan Freeman or James Earl Jones is the better voice. I'm up watching some compelling documentary on HBO, or maybe it's a movie for all I know, shows you exactly how much I'm not really paying attention to it and am having an in depth conversation in the early morning hours with my cat. 

Big day for us today, we'll be heading out grocery shopping this morning and then heading out for the day to Canonsburg and Luke's Birthday Party. His birthday is actually tomorrow when he turns 7, but Hayley, Tyler and Korey are having his birthday party this afternoon. Last year pre covid they had his party at a nerf gun battlefield place that they rented out for him and a bunch of his friends to play, and they had an absolute blast last year. This year there will only be a small handful of family gathering to celebrate his 7th birthday with him. 

I have to prepare to travel tomorrow, I'll be out of town in the northern panhandle working on Monday-Wednesday. I did talk to Gary a little yesterday and told him I would be in town, I offered to take him out to DiCarlo's Pizza for dinner one evening. I know Michelle wants me to bring one home Wednesday Night when I come back. 

Have yourselves a great day. 

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