Monday, February 08, 2021


All good things must come to an end, and that includes not only our fun-filled weekends but also our NFL season as last night's Super Bowl was the culmination of not only College but Professional Football as well. We'll have to wait until this fall to see any football again, but unlike football it is the start of another fun-filled work week where we can make this a better world. 

Did see something quite large yesterday afternoon in the back yard, Michelle was getting ready to go outside and I saw her with the Binoculars looking up into a tree. She immediately told me to come here so I could see what she could see. What did I see, a very large Turkey Vulture sitting on top of one of the trees in the back yard. I've seen theme around here, especially when I've driven to Canaan, but I haven't seen too many around here much less in my back yard. They have a wingspan as large as 6', a few years ago we were driving to Canaan and almost had one fly into the passenger window of the car, and definitely got Michelle's attention. 

So what is on my agenda for the day, I'll update my computer and start of few of the online courses that I need to complete for my certification with RTI today. I have about a day or a day and a half worth of stuff that I have to have completed by Thursday and I'll just probably concentrate and knock them all out today. 

Have yourselves a great day today, make a difference in this world and most importantly stay safe while traveling as there is some adverse weather coming our way. 

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