Saturday, June 16, 2018

Saturday Morning Ramblings

Here I sit in a quiet household, I'm up early with the TV playing something on it behind me as I am starting to wake up and contemplate what I am doing today.

Well the answer to that question is firing up the lawn mower and mowing grass. Michelle is going in to work at the Vet's this morning, Chad is going to be working on some tanks and I'll be here firing up the Troy Bilt and taking on the growing abundance of  manicured Cow Chow that some people refer to as their lawn.  I'm up to the task, although it is going to be warm today.

I did get a chance to speak to Jonathan last night, Michelle and I called and spoke to him and Barb for a little while. She is taking all kinds of note for him and I shared the "My Little Home in West Virginia" video with them and walked them through who each one of the people in the pictures were. I have a number of videos like that to share with him, some from picnics, some me just playing around and a number of Christmas videos through the years to play. I don't wan't to bombard him, so I'll share one very so often and let him soak it in.

Have yourselves a great day

Let the cow chow battle begin....when the sun comes up.

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