Wednesday, April 17, 2019

Deep Thoughts.

OK we have two days down this week, and two more ahead of us. Now it is time for me to put a little bit of thought into a midweek blog and see what I comes up. I usually pre-write my blogs on the weekend with such a busy schedule, but this one I do in non-sequential order and do it last so I can bear it out a little.

I often wonder to myself, what would my Grandparents think if they were alive today. Yeah I know they would have been proud of me, I take it one day at a time and look ahead on my career concentrating on the now and future, rather than reflect on what I have done.

What I am talking about is what would they think if they were given one day to come back to life, what would they think of the town that we live in is what I wonder.

Morgantown has changed an awful lot through the years, when they were both alive the Football Stadium was downtown, or in Grandma's case they were building the current stadium and it was not too far from opening up.

Can you imagine how dumbfounded they would be with the iPhone and what it does? Back in the 70's our phone was a rotary phone that hung on the wall. The music we played was on records or  8 track tapes. When we took pictures, it was with a camera and you had to take the film in to get developed. It may be a week before you ever saw your picture. And if you wanted information, Encyclopedia Britannica at the Library or school was my resource. That and all the Almanacs I used to collect. There was no face time and our phones had cords on them. Mail? It came in paper form in a mailbox and they was our primary way of getting information. We had I think a dozen or so TV Channels and we did get HBO and or Showtime late in their lives. Uncut movies where I could see naked boobies in my own home, unlike broadcast

Have yourselves a great day.

Hi ho hi ho

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