Monday, February 04, 2019

New Streak Starting

Well my one day off and my one day weekend are now a thing of memories. Just like last nights Super Bowl it's just part of the past and now it is time to concentrate on the future. Now it's time to take our collective noses and stick them back on the grindstone for another fun filled week of doing what it is we do for a living.

I am out working again for RTI this evening and Michelle will also be at the Vets this evening, so this could be considered my long day for the week. It's the only day during the regular work week that I intend on being out, unless someone calls me or something changes, but I honestly don't see that changing.

Jim and Chris had an auction this past Saturday Night at the Church, they had a very good turn out and Jim sold a lot of tools. I showed for about an hour and a half of it and Michelle worked it to help them out with setup and the actual auction. Jim said he wanted to start doing more auctions again like he used to, so I'm sure you'll be hearing about one or two of them in the future.

Looking at my week ahead, I'm working tonight and tomorrow night I have a health coaching call with my insurance company. I have to obtain so many points throughout the year and I'm eligible to have reduction in my premiums. I'm already up over my minimum, now I'm just trying to rack up points to win a few prize drawings for gift cards that we have a drawing for.

Have yourselves a great day.

Hi ho hi ho

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