Sunday, August 13, 2017

Out with the Old and In with the New

Yesterday I had to say goodbye to an old friend, one that had been with me for a few years but she was starting to show her age, especially when a wheel well fell off of it and I had to go back and pick it up. LP, my little car has been a great little car for me, it was a Point A to point B car and it more than served its purpose for me. She was pretty reliable and worked great for the purposes that I needed to use it for. Cars however do get older and it comes to a time when they have to be retired.

Enter Ice Ice Baby as Michelle refers to it. It's a bluish gray depending on what angle you looking at it from. LP had served its purpose and it was time to move on from that little car. We bought a 2018 Subaru Forester from John Howards yesterday afternoon, I just realized that it was either time to throw some money into LP or just go and buy a new car. As Michelle was coming home from Beaver yesterday, I told her to meet me at John Howards so we could test drive a few cars.

We had stopped by a couple of weeks ago look at what Subaru had to offer, we know we wanted to stay with Subaru and this is what we decided on.

I'm going to take Pearl and let Michelle have Ice, since she decided on all the features that she wanted in a new car. Pearl was a basic car, Ice is a Premium package that has a moon roof, heated mirrors a few driving safety features like the car will basically drive itself, a backup camera, and number of other features that Pearl just didn't have such as Eyesite, which will save us on the insurance. This was actually the second one we test drove, we drove a red one but it did not have blind spot detection or fog lights bu this one did, so this is our new car.

It also has Starlink which is a nice added feature in case anything would ever go wrong.

Have yourselves a great day today.

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