Saturday, August 12, 2017

Saturday Morning Rambling

Here I sit in a very quiet household, it's just me and two cats as Michelle is visiting a friend back home last night, she'll be back this afternoon. I'm up early collecting my thoughts and watching something or another on the TV.

Michelle got her chance to go underground yesterday in a coal mine. She said it took them about an hour to get there so you know that she was probably pretty deep in the mine. She sent me a couple of pictures yesterday of her dressed up in her gear in preparation to go underground. She was excited to say the least and talking to her when she got back was like talking to a kid after leaving a candy store. She seemed to really enjoy the experience

For me I have my first week in with AECOM, now it's time to go back out and do field work for my other job for RTI. Students are moving back so it will be an opportune time.

The road construction coming off of I-68 and heading to the mileground is complete and the road has reopened for use. It might be worth a trip over there today to see how we are going to navigate the area.

Michelle and I bought new living room furniture Thursday evening, we had been looking for a while and did our research when we finally realized you get what you pay for so we paid a little extra and bought what we wanted from Star Furniture, we got an oversized sofa that is very well constructed (we didn't want any sleepers, recliners or anything else on the sofa), a couple really nice recliners (as opposed to getting a love seat) and a couple of end tables. It'll be delivered in a few weeks, so that will give us time to prepare for the delivery. We looked into buying from Pac5, but that furniture is marketed towards college students to last 4 years and then be disposed of. You get what you pay for, so we did it right.

Have yourselves a great day.

Hi ho hi ho

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