Saturday, July 02, 2016

Saturday Morning Rambling

Here I sit yet once again in a quiet household, the cats and I are up and I have no idea what we are watching on the TV. We got in late from the game last night and here I am up early still collecting my half asleep thoughts on the day.

We had a great time at the game last night, the Black Bears beat Auburn 11-5 last night in front of a crowd of around 2,500. Auburn had Ryan Ripken playing for them, Ryan is the son of MLB Hall of Famer and legend Cal Ripken Jr. After the game we were treated to a real nice fireworks display.

Today we will be doing our final shopping for tomorrows Friends and Family Picnic at Krepps Park. Today's shopping will just be for the perishables as everything is ready to go. Hopefully the weather is much more cooperative than it was last year and we can all get our picnic on. There is still some preparation to do, but we are in the home stretch and just about ready for tomorrows festivities.

Have yourselves a great day, the Sandman is swinging at me to lay back down, he is relentless and I must follow his

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