Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Tuesday's Tidbits

* Well we now have our workweek started and we are looking at a Tuesday, that means tidbits on this blog.

* There have been 19,133 wonderful days since my birth, I am thankful for each and every one of them and appreciative of each and every opportunity that I can ass to that total.

* There have been 4,356 days that have passed since I Graduated from West Virginia University.

* Michelle and I went out on our very first date 2,957 days ago. Pizza and a movie were on the agenda for the evening.

* 2,181 days ago I proposed to Michelle, it was in the early morning hours around 4:00 AM, she said yes.

* It was 1,718 days ago in front of our closest family and friends that we had ourselves a wedding and a feast.

* I have about 5,704 days or so to go until retirement, give or take a few hundred here or there.

* The Backyard Brawl will be renewed in 2,342 more days as the WVU Mountaineers will take on the evil Pitt Panthers. Let's Go Mountaineers.

* Phil will once again step center stage in 289 more days as we celebrate Ground Hogs Day.

* In 256 more days my Goodbye 2016 blog will be published, reliving my previous year based on events written right here in my blog.

* There are 250 more shopping days left to go until Christmas, you still have plenty of time but it never hurts to start planning early.

* There are just 226 days to go until the next anniversary of my 21st birthday.

* We missed it last year, but we are going to try going to the 2016 Springs Festival in 172 more days.

* There are only 145 more days to go until our next Cruise, we booked this one last year while we were on the ship.

* There are only 126 more days until we go see Jimmy Buffett in Pittsburgh. Tickets are still available, come on out and have a great time and tailgate with us.

* My wonderful wife Michelle and I will celebrate ourFifth Wedding Anniversary in just 109 more days.

* The Third Annual Friends and Family picnic will take place in just 75 more days at Krepps Park. Come one, come all and lets all have a great time. Hopefully the weather will be much more cooperative this time around.

* There are only 63 more days to go until Summer for this year. I'm ready for a period of warmer weather.

* I have written a total of 4,434 Blogs for George's Journal in the 11 1/2 years that I have been writing this blog.

* Nothing new on the brother search, I'm not saying that I am giving up on this search but it's going to take a miracle at this point.

* Hall Family Tree still has 343 people in the database.  It has grown significantly over this past winter, but is probably in a holding pattern as the weather warms up.

* Spring is my favorite season of the year, I love the fresh air and all the vibrant youthful colors that it brings after a long drab winter.

* La Pizzeria on Van Voorhis Road had the best Cheese sticks in Morgantown. We ordered some Saturday night and these are the best cheese sticks that I have ever had anywhere and that is making a statement.

* I am thinking about opening up a Cicada Business. We'll ship them anywhere if someone wants some and my prices will be cheap due to an expectation of excess inventory.

* Have yourselves a great day and make the absolute most of it.

* Hi ho hi ho

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