Sunday, April 03, 2016


Here I sit yet once again in a semi-quiet household, Phin the cat that never sleeps is playing with my feet after reminding my to wake up and put fresh food in her bowl that she's not going to eat. We're up too early looking for something to watch on NetFlix and catching our collective thoughts for the day.

Later this morning we are going to do a Birthday Brunch for my sister Terri, her birthday is later this week but we are using the opportunity for a little get together time for the family. We are trying ti do one a month and this will make the fourth month in a row we have had some kind of get together, now we just need to start planning for

I had my second day out in the field yesterday, it was a rough start to the day, but I did manage to work through and visit my entire quarters list the first two days, now it's going to be a going back and trying to fill in the gaps of people who were not home and completing some of the scheduled interviews that I have. I did have one or two households that were less than receptive yesterday, but I did manage to finalize of of them and won't have to return there. I'll head back out in the field this afternoon and ending a long seven day stretch of working before I start another week long stretch tomorrow. It's not so bad, there are times when this job is fun as well as the times when it is not so

I did try a new Pizzeria yesterday, La Pizzeria opened up a couple of days ago across the street in the Valley Mart Plaza. We had the Pizza and it was actually pretty good, home made dough and fresh toppings at a fair and reasonable price. They offer Pizza, Rolls and Calzones, Subs and Wraps, Salads, Appetizers and offer daily specials. There are three new businesses opening up across the road this just being the first. There will be a hot spot going in where the Downstairs of MiHaley's used to be and a new bar/nightclub called Mick's will be going in upstairs above the Pizzeria and Hot Spot.

I hope everyone has a great day today.

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