Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Hump Day

Two days down, now we're in the middle of the week with a couple of more days to follow. It must be Wednesday meaning we are heading up and over that weekend hump.

Today is also April 20th, or 420 as it as better known and today is referred to as Weed Day. This actually has no significance to me, but I know a number of people out there may like to partake in that activity and this is there day.

For the rest of the world it's the middle of the work week. I'll not be going out this evening for RTI, I usually like to take an evening off during the week and this is that day. If I had a scheduled interview then that may change my mind on the days I do not go out, but I'm basically through my entire roster and just trying to finalize it at this point. Maybe next quarter I can get a larger roster and something not so close to home.

I will be attending the WVAGP Conference here in Morgantown in a few weeks. I'm already registered and am planning on attending. I've attended a few of their workshops and have been a member for years, but this is the first State Wide Conference I have attended since the WVAGP was formed. I attended something similar about 10 years ago, but that was Pre-WVAGP era. It'll be nice to reach and and network with a few others doing what I do around the state.

Have yourselves a Great Day

Hi ho hi ho

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